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GD Module fix
[04/21/2007]  Posted by Shawn

When I switched FGN over to the new server, I lost the gd module that made image creation in php possible. In other words, the pages that displayed the custom score pics ( no longer worked

I put it on low priority, and it turned out the fix was pretty easy to implement. So now the score pages work again. But did anyone even notice? :(

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100 reviews!
[03/28/2007]  Posted by Shawn

I thought it was fit to announce that FGN now officially has 100 reviews in the database, twice that of what we started with!

Also, my apologies to anyone encountering site problems over the last week or so. This site resides on the same server as, which was receiving heavy traffic from my new game. I have since upgraded the server twice to keep up- this server has 3x the memory capacity of the old one. And if this doesn't do it, the next step is a dedicated solution.

You may have noticed a slow down in the amount of reviews as well. My original plan was to write one per day, but that gets to be somewhat of a chore, especially when you have other flash to work on as well. Now I'm shooting for roughly 3 per week, I think that's still a fair update.

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New Server!
[03/09/2007]  Posted by Shawn

FGN has now been officially moved on to my VPS server along side If things didn't run smooth before, they should now :)

let me know if you see any errors/problems

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FGN officially launches
[01/30/2007]  Posted by Shawn

Ok, not too much difference between this post and the last. Just popping in to say that I've made FGN 'official' to everyone I know and have begun really spreading the word around. Same deal as before- sign up, look around, make some posts, make yourself comfortable. FGN is just getting started!

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Welcome to FGN!
[01/22/2007]  Posted by Shawn

Welcome to FGN, the website that writes reviews for today's latest flash games. Right now the site is in pre-release, which means it hasnt' been fully revealed to the public yet. But in the meantime feel free to browse around, sign up for an account, and check out the reviews we have so far!

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