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About Us

There's plenty of other game sites out there, but they never feature any content behind their games, not to mention loose categorization and sparse author credit. Most game sites scan the net for games to throw up on their page and leave it at that. At FGN we write editorial-style reviews for the flash games we feature, along with a score breakdown. We also offer content warnings, additional game information, and related games. We tell you what author(s) created the game, what other games they've made, and how you can check out more on their websites. If you're looking for something in particular we let you search by author name, author alias, game name, and game category.

Shawn My name is Shawn and I created FGN. I take care of any site editing and creation, involving PHP, MySQL, xhtml, css, javascript, and flash. I also write reviews with the editors. I usually enjoy action oriented games, but I'm into puzzle/point and click as well.